Rejuvenator 2 Person Traditional Steam Sauna ALEKO

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Wood 2 Person Electrical Heater Sauna brings all the luxury and comfort of the indoor Sauna at a more accessible price point. Improve your health by sleeping better at night, stimulate blood circulation, increase metabolism, heal colds and flu, relax tired muscles and joints, prevent heart disease. Eliminate fatigue, Clean and nourish skin, Condition the vein system, reduce fat and keep fit, relieve muscle and joint pain and flush toxins from the body. The pleasing sauna shape is both stylish and functional, providing maximum usable space while minimizing excess cubic feet. The less cubic feet of air, the faster your room will heat. Its entrance features a tempered glass door with the wooden door handle, making it look beautiful and stylish. The tempered glass door to contribute to the quiet, relaxing environment and tempered so as to remain unfazed by the temperature changes. An electric heater completes the experience with heated rocks and the accompanying bucket and scoop let you pour water over the hot stones, boosting temperature and humidity for maximum health and relaxation benefits. This beautiful sauna is perfect for your under roof front porch or under roof back deck and inside the house. Assembly can be accomplished in just a few hours and is very easy to do. Due to the nature of the 220V-240V hardwired heater unit, an electrician is recommended upon installation. ALEKO