Lindea 8 Person Traditional Steam Sauna Almost Heaven Saunas LLC

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The sauna is a work of art, truly unlike any other. Designed in the European style, it is elegant and chic. Soft edges, a raised deck, full-length benches, and unique adjustable seats are only a few of the features that make the product stand out. Beautiful heat-treated aspen enfolds the outside of the sauna, giving a modish contrast to the bright nordic spruce within. The tempered glass door and front windows give the sauna an open and inviting feel. Six to eight individuals can sit in it comfortably on the extra-wide adjustable benches. The interior is open and pure, a comforting escape, and the fashionable exterior will increase the value of any room in the house. Louvered panels encase clear tempered glass that surrounds the sauna providing a sense of pure natural beauty. Maximum heat insulation is provided by the dual-wall construction that meticulously wraps around the sauna. Its design is symmetrical. The natural heat-treated aspen on the outside mirrors the soft nordic spruce within, giving off an aura of perfection. Within the sauna are two extra-wide benches and a raised deck that can also be used as a seat. The benches are adjustable, with a latch release backrest connected to each one, perfect for lounging at the preferred angle of the individual. Because of the raised deck, the heater is lowered, making it easily accessible, yet elegantly discreet. The benches and main deck of the sauna are raised, offering multi-level seating as a way to get closer to the heat higher up on the bench, or to cool down on the lower deck. This sauna is designed to utilize your existing floor, allowing the sauna to effortlessly blend into your home setting. Only the highest quality materials are used. The smooth clear aspen on the exterior is naturally stained by a process called heat-treating. Heat treating is a chemical-free process that adds durability and a warm natural color to the lumber. It is designed with thick panels that create a dual wall construction. This provides maximum heat and steam insulation. The sauna door is made of thick tempered glass, installed with sleek stainless-steel fasteners, and a long easy to grip wooden handle. This handle is fashionably unique. The item comes with the deluxe bucket and ladle, sleek stainless-steel sauna accessories that are a functional and stylish addition to any traditional steam sauna. With two adjustable back supports that can be laid flat, the sauna fits up to six to eight individuals comfortably. It comes with the digital heater, a stainless-steel heater that is digitally controlled from within or outside of the sauna. The heater can also be preset up to 12 hours in advance for your convenience. The lowered heater makes it easy to use the provided bucket and ladle to sprinkle water on the hot sauna stones for a rejuvenating burst of steam. You will be transported to a traditional Finnish sauna experience full of healthful and holistic benefits. Almost Heaven Saunas LLC