Ensi Ultra-Low EMF 4 Person FAR Infrared Sauna JNH Lifestyles Wood Species: Cedar

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Our Ensi 4 Personâs larger size naturally makes it the most social unit. Whether you want to use the sauna with other people or would like the option to in the future, this unit provides the most flexibility for its usage. Its spacious interior also makes it easier to perform stretches or other simple therapeutic movements that can aide your aches and pains. The Ensi was a forerunner, being the first sauna to feature 9 virtually-zero EMF heaters that have been tested and certified by Intertek to have the lowest reading on the market. Itâs constructed with 100% Canadian Hemlock Wood, maintaining its organic integrity with materials sources from around the world. Specialty T&G construction enhances the structural strength, while our unique DuraPanels provide optimum heat insulation. JNH Lifestyles Wood Species: Cedar