Ensi Red Cedar Corner Ultra-Low Emf Far Infrared Sauna JNH Lifestyles

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If you\’re wanting to tuck your infrared sauna into the corner of a room, then look no further than the Ensi RED Corner Infrared Sauna. When it comes to style and design, our corner units shine because of their adaptability. No matter what room you place the Ensi RED Corner in, you\’ll find it to be the main attraction to whoever walks in. The Ensi RED collection is constructed with 100%, high-quality Canadian Red Cedar, which is famous for its deep red color and wonderful aroma. Red Cedar is also naturally mold resistant, making it a must-have feature among infrared sauna shoppers. We incorporate a tongue and groove design that enhances the strength of the overall structure; while our multifaceted DuraPanels (dual-walls) provide heat insulation and exterior protection. JNH Lifestyle saunas provide lots of health benefits, some of which include detoxification, aiding with blood pressure, pain relief, and of course, deep relaxation. JNH Lifestyles