Stripe Area Rug Hug Rug

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The Hug Rug was designed from the outset to have a light environmental footprint, helping to protect the world we all live in. Engineered to keep dirty footprints outside, the Hug Rug loves the environment, nature and wildlife but want to keep it in its rightful place outside. The face fabric is made from 90% cotton recycled from the clothing industry combined with 10% advanced dirt trapping microfibers, the base fabric is made from recycled drink bottles and bottle tops and the reverse is made from of recycled rubber backings produced from discarded tires. The Hug Rug traps up to 95% of dust, wet mud and dirt – the special cotton fibers soak up moisture which reduces any slip hazards from wet floors and gets deep into the tread of shoes and paws, so protecting carpets and floors and reducing cleaning. Hug Rug barrier mats are designed to be used mainly indoors, all around the home, or in the back of the car, porches, in fact they look great anywhere. They are easy to clean and become more absorbent with each wash. So soft, you’ll want to give yourself a Hug Rug. Hug Rug