Handmade Dark Brown Area Rug Super Area Rugs

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Made from 100% genuine sheepskin fur from Australia this area rug is the softest feeling rug you can put under your feet. Sink your toes into the pile and let the silky fur sooth away your troubles and pains. This rug has a white suede backing which provides anti-skid properties. In addition to being an area rug, this sheepskin rug can also be used as a seat cover or draped over a sofa. Super area rugs sheepskins are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, allowing them to be used with newborns and small children. Have a baby that will not sleep? Try laying your little ones on this natural, sanitized fur and watch them drift away into a calming sleep. Recently had medical work done or need to be stationary for a while? Put a sheepskin rug down and let the natural therapeutic properties heal away the pain. See for yourself why their sheepskin area rug is the choice amongst both adults and children. All super area rugs sheepskin rugs are Woolmark® certified. The Woolmark® brand is the world\’s best known textile fibre brand providing consumers with an independent guarantee of fibre content and assurance of quality. Super Area Rugs