Timothy 2 Drawer Nightstand Foundstone

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Hereâs a piece theyâre sure to notice. With angled wooden legs for an original touch and a decorative molding for contrast, this modern style night stand will look quite elegant next to your bed. Whatever decor you choose for your bedroom, this night stand from the Timothy collection will add a touch of Scandinavian chic. Create a warm, laid back atmosphere, a place to sleep or just relax. This piece will blend easily with pastel colors and a minimalist interior. Keep it simple thatâs the key. This small night stand has two drawers on metal slides for storing whatever you keep by your bed: magazines, reading glasses, a box of tissues, your phone, and mobile devices. The drawers, which feature elegant metal knobs and straight handles, open and close smoothly, to allow you easy access to your things. Each drawer can hold up to 25 pounds. Keep the space around your bed neat and tidy. Foundstone