Winners Sea Hero 10″ Soft-side Waterbed Mattress Strobel Mattress Size: King

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Strobel√Ęs super-premium and the best soft side waterbed on the market have our Patented Leak-Proof Double Wall Hydro Support 1800 waterbed mattress for super waveless and added peace of mind. Strobel Hydro Support Waterbeds feature our Feathertop deep molded surface for the greatest comfort and best sleep. Strobel√Ęs Exclusive Fabric Covered K-Rail perimeter soy-based foam frame features a polymer band reinforcement to absorb the outward pressure of a true deep fill waterbed while it can bend when sitting on the edge for the most comfort. You get a much better transition when sitting, sleeping, or getting in or out of bed. Luxurious Pure Cotton non-quilted stretch mattress cover allows no toxic flame retardant chemicals required. Top Only systems as noted include Cotton mattress cover, Patented Leak-Proof Double Wall Hydro Support 1800 super-waveless waterbed mattress, fabric-covered K-Rail outside rail system, Solid State Temperature control system, fill and drain kit with waterbed conditioner. Strobel Mattress Size: King