Winners Funny Cide 9″ Soft-side Waterbed Mattress Strobel Mattress Size: Queen

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Strobel√Ęs shallow fills soft sides feature water tube systems. These tubes can be taken to the sink to be filled or drained and give more flexibility for moving the bed. Inner support rails are fabric covered and made from Soy-based foam and engineered to give a comfortable sitting and sleeping edge. Shallow fill is achieved by the addition of a foam pad inside the rails. This pad can be placed either on top of or below the tubes to achieve the desired feel. No toxic flame retardant chemicals required. Strobel Softsides are part of their Winners Collection and each is named after horses that are Winners of the Kentucky Derby. When you choose a Strobel Softside Waterbed you too will be a Winner! Many people rave about the health benefits and how well they sleep on Strobel Waterbeds. Our bodies are over 90% water. Strobel waterbeds achieve nearly 0-Gravity. This results in less pressure on your body and better sleep. This Top Only system does not include foundation or mattress cover. This model includes waterbed tube system, safety liner, fabric covered soft side rail system, fabric covered inner foam pad, fill and drain kit with waterbed conditioner, and allows you to use your own mattress pad as a cover. Other Strobel models might include covers and pillowtops in different thickness of Soy Foam, Memory Foam, or Latex, and deeper fill depths and different water-mattress types. Strobel offers a complete selection of waterbeds. Strobel Mattress Size: Queen