Winners American Pharoah 9″ Soft-side Waterbed Mattress Strobel Mattress Size: Queen Dual

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Strobel \”American Pharaoh\” Complete Softside Waterbed with No Cover Naked Option, Top Only. Strobelâs deep 7â fill soft sides feature our Patented Leak-Proof Double Wall Hydro-Support 1200 waveless waterbed mattress for an added peace of mind. Strobel Hydro-Support Waterbeds feature our Feathertop deep molded surface. While most waterbeds do not have a molded surface Strobelâs exclusive Feathertop is deeply molded and creates more surface area of vinyl and give better true water support. The stretched tight surface of other waterbeds can give a hammock or trampoline effect which supports you and not the true conforming water. Strobel\’s Feathertop gives the lowest skin pressures and no pressure points for greatest comfort and best sleep. Inner support rails are fabric covered and made from Soy-based foam and engineered to give a comfortable sitting and sleeping edge. Our Cotton Stretch Cover or No Cover Option keeps you closer to true water support and allows no toxic flame retardant chemicals required. Other mattresses with thicker covers are required to pass extreme flameproofing testing and this requires acutely toxic and cancer-causing flame retardant chemicals on the surface of the mattress. There are no labeling requirements for these chemicals so most deny using chemicals and there is a lot of misinformation in the market.Other models include Reversible Pillow Tops and a matching Cotton cover that is zippered and removable. These pillow tops are available in various thicknesses of soy-based foam, natural latex, or premium Polyfilax memory foam. Complete systems also include upholstered heavy duty waterbed foundation base and 9-Leg Heavy Duty metal bed frame designed for waterbeds. These options can also be added later if desired. Made in the USA â by Strobel. Strobel Mattress Size: Queen Dual