Strobel Complete Softside Waterbed Futura-1.5 Strobel Mattress Size: Queen

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Nothing is more natural than water. Eurostyle Luxurious Pure Cotton stretch mattress cover (No hammock effect from stiff overstuffed American style covers), electronic temperature control, with Hydro-Support molded surface with lumbar support waveless water-mattresses. Futura-1.5 softside features 1.5\” premium Soy based Polyfilax-Visco memory foam reversible memory foam pillowtop top, covered with luxurious matching Pure Cotton stretch fabric. Strobel waterbeds are naturally fire resistant and do not require flame retardant chemical based flame barriers like other mattresses to comply with federal fire safety regulations. The bodies are over 90% water. Strobel waterbeds achieve nearly 0-Gravity. This results in less pressure on your body. Strobel water-mattresses go a step further with its unique deep molded \”Feathertop\” pressure reduction surface. The \”Feathertop\” surface relives surface tension and further reduces pressures to allow for true flotation sleep, so your body and muscles can truly relax. Strobel Hydro-Support water-mattresses also feature reinforced corners, 4-way tethered waveless system to prevent shifting, bottom seams to relieve pressure on seams, thermally efficient heater compatible bottoms, and added lumbar support for better back support. p Inner support rails are made from Soy based foam and engineered to give a comfortable sitting and sleeping edge. Strobel softside waterbeds use regular sheets and bedding. Many people rave about the health benefits and how well they sleep on Strobel Waterbeds. Strobel Mattress Size: Queen