Sof-Frame Complete 20″ Soft-side Waterbed Mattress Strobel Mattress Size: King

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Strobel Sof-Frame Complete Waterbed. Finally a regular waterbed with a soft frame. Yes true wood frame waterbed sizes, depth, length, and comfort. A soft comfortable sitting edge and makes it easier to get in and out of bed. A soft and comfortable edge if you roll into it while sleeping or roll out of when you get up. No need for padded rail caps that are not very padded or comfortable anyway. Soy-Based all foam frame is reinforced with an inner Polymer Band so frame resists bowing and holds its shape. Polymer Band gives when you sit on it but resists lateral pressure from waterbed mattress. Old style soft-side waterbeds are the same size as regular beds and the foam rails reduce your available sleeping area, plus the covers and less vinyl area can create a hammock effect that reduces the comfort of the waterbed. No cover required so you can experience the true comfort of the waterbed. Uses waterbed sheets and bedding. Strobel Sof-Frame — An invention that comes nearly 50 years after the first waterbeds, truly the waterbed of the future. Strobel Complete Sof-Frame includes Strobel√Ęs Patented Double-Wall Leak-Proof Hydro-Support waveless waterbed mattress. The double wall feature eliminates the need for an extra liner. Strobel waterbeds are naturally fire resistant and do not require flame retardant chemical based flame barriers like other mattresses to comply with federal fire safety regulations. The bodies are over 90% water. Strobel waterbeds achieve nearly 0-Gravity. This results in less pressure on your body. Strobel water-mattresses go a step further with its unique deep molded \”Feathertop\” pressure reduction surface. The \”Feathertop\” surface relives surface tension and further reduces pressures to allow for true flotation sleep, so your body and muscles can truly relax. Strobel Hydro-Support water-mattresses also feature reinforced corners, 4-way tethered waveless system to prevent shifting, bottom seams to relieve pressure on seams, thermally efficient heater compatible bottoms, and added lumbar support for better back support. Strobel Mattress Size: King