Aspen 30″ Hard-side Waterbed Mattress Strobel Mattress Size: Queen, Color: Ivory Vinyl

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Complete hard-side wood frame waterbed. Comes with frame, headboard, Strobel âHydro-Support 1800â Feathertop 6-10-6 lumbar fiber waveless water mattress (not a cheap imported free flow water-mattress), solid state heater with a controller, safety liner, wood deck, fill and drain kit with conditioner, and standard pedestal. No Headboard option allows you to use your own headboard to blend with existing furniture. You can also use a full drape bedspread to cover waterbed frame if you choose. The bed is made from solid wood northwestern white pine, wrapped in 0.75â soy-based foam, and covered in your choice of quality upholstery material. In addition to a great look the foam cushions the rail to ease getting in and out of bed and sitting on the edge. This eliminates the need for separate rail caps. Strobel Hydro-Support Waterbeds feature their Feathertop deep molded surface. While most waterbeds do not have a molded surface theirs is deeper molded than any other on the market, this creates more surface area of vinyl and gives better true water support. The stretched tight surface of other waterbeds and soft sides can give a hammock or trampoline effect which supports you and not the true conforming water. The Feathertop gives the lowest skin pressures and no pressure points for greatest comfort and best sleep. Strobel Hydro-Support water-mattresses also feature reinforced corners, 4 way tethered waveless system to prevent shifting, bottom seams to relieve pressure on seams, thermally efficient heater compatible bottoms, and added lumbar support for better back support. The gentle warmth of a Strobel Waterbed can relax and rejuvenate sore tired muscles. In the summer the bed can actually keep you cool. When you turn down the temperature controller the mass of water creates a convection current that gently pulls the heat out of your body and cools you. Heater pad features stranded copper/nickel alloy resistance wire heating element for longest life, not cheaper etched aluminum foil like other heaters. Cheaper band cheater controls can vary the temperature by 3 degrees, a difference you can feel. Their Solid State temperature control maintains waterbed temperature within 1/10 of a degree. At the end of a long hard day, you finally get to lie down on your Strobel Waterbed. You feel âAhâ finally. A feeling of peace and tranquility comes over you as you notice the bed caressing and conforming to every curve and shape of your body and supporting your back. You notice the gentle warmth as your previously tense muscles begin to relax. You feel weightless, dreamy, secure, as your mind calms and you drift off into a state of total relaxation. As you begin to fall asleep you think to yourself: âI am so glad I bought a Strobel Waterbed.â Item is handcrafted. Strobel Mattress Size: Queen, Color: Ivory Vinyl