Fayette 2-Drawer Kitchen Cart Williston Forge

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Be it for your home or office purpose this cooling cart will be of great accent and useful piece. Made from good quality iron it is sturdy and durable. It will thus remain in topnotch condition for many years together. In a black distressed finish; it will get well along with all types of home themes. This rolling cart features a flat top panel; two ventilated storage drawers numbered 1-2 and an open storage rack at the bottom. You can keep it in the living room; library or even at your office space according to your need. The open rack can be used to keep newspapers and magazines while the top can be used to display a figurine; vase or arrange files in an order. From getting it to your house; you can recommend it to near and dear ones who have been looking for one. Indeed very easy to maintain and move because of the casters; bring it today. Williston Forge