Dipasquale Free Standing Jewelry Armoire with Mirror House of Hampton Color: Black Interior

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Clear off your crowded dresser tops, desks, and tables and transfer all your jewelry and makeup needs into this stylish and efficient jewelry cabinet/armoire that comes with a touch-screen light-up LED vanity mirror. A perfect way to clean up clutter and consolidate, this free-standing jewelry armoire makes it super convenient to access all your favorite pieces in one organized place. Outfitted with ring holders, necklace and bracelet hooks, cut-out earring grooves, small drawers and shelves for hair-ties, makeup brushes and any and all accessories, this jewelry cabinet is the perfect fit for all of your essentials. Not only does it have space for all of your cherished treasures, but this space-saving storage system also comes with four small shelves that are perfect for housing makeup, brushes, compacts and so much more. On top of all of this, this jewelry armoire also serves as the perfect full-length mirror for getting dressed and ready for the day. It’s the perfect size to grab that last look before racing out the door. And with a useful touch-screen LED light option on the surface of the mirror, you’ll be well lit while you add the finishing touches to your look. Plus, as soon as you open the door, your new cabinet immediately illuminates your treasure chest of jewelry with bright LED lights so you can see all your accessories quickly and easily. Made with MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and with a stylish and luxurious velvet lining on the inside, this all-in-one jewelry cabinet and mirror is perfect for your bedroom or dressing room. House of Hampton Color: Black Interior