Newport 11 Ft. W x 16 Ft. D Aluminum Patio Gazebo Paragon-Outdoor

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Imagine its summer and what you need is that shady spot that blocks out 100% of the sun\’s rays and heat. Even if that untimely rain shower threatens your dinner party, the special composite roof on the Newport turns rain noise into a soft pitter-patter that adds to the ambiance of being outdoors. The rugged gazebo made of aluminum and steel has a clean architectural design that fits well into any backyard setting. Whether you set it close to the house or off in the distance, on a patio or over a spa, it will provide comfort and pleasure for years to come. The roof panels are an engineering development that will never rust. Sophisticated composite of layers of aluminum with a polyethylene core and multiple layers of finishes and coatings considered commercial grade. The underside has a creamy white finish that adds a wonderful glow during the day and into the evenings. Even candlelight reflects back down and illuminates the area at night time. Paragon-Outdoor