8 Ft. W x 5 Ft. D Steel Grill Gazebo Sunjoy

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The grill gazebo that allows easy assembly with easy step by step instructions to assemble. Strong steel that provides a firm structure to support and balance the 4 sides for optimum safety. Able to withstand wind and rain. The water-resistant canopy provides a form of protection for your outdoor grill during the rainy period and from the hot sun. Build with fire-resistant structure safe for barbeque related activities. Suitable for all barbeque related events for the outdoors. Enjoy the BBQ pit gazebo is your answer to protecting your outdoor grill from both the sun and the rain. With the water-resistant roof structure helps to protect your grill from the rain, and gives you an optimum shade for your BBQ pit while you are grilling your food in your backyard. As most grill gets damaged from rainwater and long period in the sun, therefore having a gazebo to protect the expensive grill you have in your backyard or patio, makes your problem go away. This gazebo allows optimum protection when you are grilling under the hot sun, it reduces the heat by deflecting the sun\’s rays off the rooftop and making the area cooler while you are grilling under the gazebo, and no more worries about getting sunburn while grilling in your backyard! Sunjoy