Reatha Small Bean Bag Chair & Lounger Harriet Bee

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You and I are the perfect pair â so flop on down, Iâm your cuddling chair.Sweet Seats⢠snuggly character chairs are the perfect soft seating solution for toddlers who love cozy pals to play on and play with. And once playtime is over, Sweet Seats are there to provide the downtime relaxation your child needs to restore harmony. They are perfect as room décor and as a childâs favorite plush pal. And as much as kids love our character chairs, parents will be thrilled to learn that they can easily wash and care for their Sweet Seat⢠furniture.HOW TO CLEAN: Sweet Seat character chair covers are removable and machine wash friendly.Simply take a paperclip, hook through the safety zipper and pull to open the Sweet Seats⢠cover. Carefully cut the tack stitch thread that secures the cover to the center foam block with a pair of scissors. Once all tacks have been cut, you can remove the foam blocks. Once youâve removed all of the inner foam pieces, your cover is ready to wash. For best results, we recommend using a delicates bag in a machine wash cold setting, and afterwards laying the cover flat to air dry.Bursting with personality and always on trend, Soft Landing⢠products are kid-centric and parent approved. Kids love a soft âjust my sizeâ companion for quiet time play. Adults recognize and appreciate the exceptional quality and functionality we build into every Soft Landing⢠product, knowing that it will be well loved and used often. Soft Landing⢠character furnishings and home décor turn everyday living into everyday play. All come in a variety of adorable characters, shapes, colors, styles and sizes. And the best feature yet: Soft Landing⢠delivers more hugs per dollar than any other brand. Harriet Bee