Large Bean Bag Chair Furini Upholstery: Black

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Ottoman bean bag Cubo is a classic low footstool with a wide seat its greatest asset is the fabric from which it was sewn. This beautiful and original seat is suitable for a modern and elegant interior. This bean bag is firmly filled and keeps its perfect shape during the entire period of use. These bean bags use virgin EPS Beads that resemble the traditional small round bean bag pellets. They have a very nice smooth feel providing firm support for the back. While sitting on bean bags, the beans support the full-frame and align with your body structure to fit perfectly like a glove. When a bean bag is unoccupied, it comes back to its full form to become a great interior centerpiece. Turbo Bean bags make a difference. They come with an extraordinary and unique design and special materials, which enables the bean bag to adapt to a person\’s body and shape, providing maximum comfort. Furini Upholstery: Black