Bean Bag Chair Winston Porter Color: Purple

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Beanbag what a great place to plop down and relax. Each bag come with a handy pocket to store the clicker or any other prized possession. The outer cover is removable for cleaning. The inner liner bag securely contains new fire retardant “beads” and is refillable too. Cleaning the cover Winston Porter use only fine upholstery-grade fabrics that can take lots of use from kids. Winston Porter Micro Suede’s, denims and chenille’s are all washable. But Winston Porter can’t prevent the covers from getting dirty. Here’s what you can do to keep them looking new: Blot up spills immediately. Surface wash any remaining stains with a mild, non-toxic cleaner. Don’t rub too hard or use a strong cleaner you’ll remove the fabric’s finish and possibly some color too, the furniture covers are removable. Winston Porter recommend dry cleaning to keep the covers looking their best as long as possible, You may apply a scotch-guard type treatment to protect the covers. If you choose to do this always start with a small amount on the bottom of the piece to make certain the fabric will not be damaged. Winston Porter Color: Purple